Round & Round @ Faultline

I have a show opening on Friday, May 21 at Faultline Artspace featuring paintings on vinyl records as well as some larger paintings on wooden rounds. The circle as a format suggests many themes and ideas. Is it a viewing portal? A circle representing the cycle of life and death? An eye? I started doodling on round beer coasters a number of years ago and fell in love the the challenge of composing within the confines of the circle. Literally thinking outside the box opened me up to new approaches to composition. This exhibition will feature 50+ circles grouped together to suggest a narrative or dialogue that goes round & round.

Faultline Artspace is pleased to have John Casey take over our gallery yet again. This time he will be presenting, yup, you guessed it, round artwork! Painted on primed 12” vinyl records and wood panels of varying sizes and featuring raccoons, spiders, flowers, sheep, and skulls.

Online sales and 360 degree virtual gallery opens 12 noon Friday May 21st.