10/27/07 – 1/13/08: The de Young Museum

The de Young Museum in San Francisco, CA presents “The Diane and Sandy Besser Collection”. A drawing of mine is in this show. Awesome!!

  • Show and reception pics here.

8/4 – 8/26/07: Collected Works from a Collection of Friends

Youngblood Gallery in Atlanta, GA presents “Collected Works from a Collection of Friends”. Artists include Kevin E. Taylor, John Pundt, Shertz, Derek Weisberg, John Casey, Mulletpony, Danielle de Picciotto, Jacob Arden Mclure, Miha, Jessica Serran, Lauren Wong, Kim Alsbrooks, Justin, Waugh, James Hunter, Patrick Segui and Camille Howe.

  • Opening Reception pics here.

8/2 – 8/31/07: Fecal Face Dot Com Celebrates It’s 7.5 Year Anniversary

111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco, CA presents 7.5 Year Anniversary Artistic Exhibition.

  • Opening Reception pics here.

6/27/07 – 7/27/07: BANZAI/GODZILLA Japan’s Influence in America THEN and NOW

A show curated by Bob Hanamura at the SFMOMA Artist Gallery. Artists include Kim Anno, Kathy Aoki, Lucy Arai, John Casey, Ishian Clamenco, Laura Duford, Yukako Ezoe, Peggy Gyulai, Theodorea Varnay Jones, Tom Marinoni, Howard Munson, Seiko Tachibana, Ayu Tomikawa, Kazuaki Tanahashi, Scott Tsuchitani, and Kimetha Vanderveen.