WOW x WOW is incredibly proud to present Familiar Strangers. Opening on at 7pm GMT on 4th March and running until 25th March, the exhibition will feature over 90 incredible original artworks by more than 80 super talented international artists.

Many of the works of art we appreciate, admire and connect with in our lifetimes are created by people we don’t know, and will never know personally. Some may have been created hundreds of years ago by artists long since passed away. Others might have been created recently by contemporary artists living on the other side of the world, who we will never have any interaction with. However, despite not knowing these creators personally, we develop profound and lasting connections with their creations, falling in love with the imagination, vision and humanity within. The artworks provide us with wonderful insights into aspects of the creator’s being that resonate with our own, helping us form deeply meaningful relationships with these ‘Familiar Strangers’.

Orphné Achéron | Aethereal Moods | Olympia Altimir | David ÁlvarezAdam Augustyn | Scott Balmer | Paul BarnesKaitlin Beckett | Cristina Bencina | Emma Black | Kseniia BokoJesús Inglés Canalejo | Martínez Cánovas | John Casey | Soojin ChaeAlina Chau| Rene Cuvos | Jennifer Dahbura | Fran De Anda | Kring DemetrioRobert Deutsch | Tripper Dungan | Ejiwa ‘Edge’ Ebenebe | Garis Edelweiss | Theo Ellsworth | Alison Friend | Eva Gamayun | Mariajosé GallardoGloombrow | Cielle Graham | Naoto Hatttori | Cleonique HilsacaVeronica Jaeger | Máté Jakó | Savanna Judd | Song Kang | Boje Arndt KiesielCassandra Kim | Nom Kinnear King | Jolene Lai | Edith LebeauLuca Ledda | Amelia Leonards | Konan Lim | James Lipnickas | LTG (Ana Novaes) | Lihao Lu | Isaac Malakkai | Ashley Marie | Colete Martin | Gina MatarazzoMcMonster | Eli McMullen | Michele Melcher | Nicolás Menay | Zach Meyer | Marina Mika | Moki | David Molesky | Niky Motekallem | Reiko Murakami | Andreas Nagel | Johannah O’Donnell | Christian Orrillo and Cristopher Pérez | P54Silvia Parvarini | Diego Peñuela | Dasha Pliska | Marie-Eve ProteauAngelika Rasmus | Dusty Ray | Luke Rion | V. R. Rivera | Vasilisa RomanenkoOlivia Rose | Simona Ruscheva | Rustlehare | Eric Wolfe SahlstenJuliet Schreckinger | Brian Serway | Andrew Sides | Kristin Siegel-LeichtAndi Soto | Peter Striffolino | Jessica So Ren TangJames Thistlethwaite | Delphyne V. | Alexandra Verhoven | Jamie Wells | Alex Wezta