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10/30/2008: Scarecrow; $20

Rowan Morrison Publishing presents "Scarecrow" by John Casey, the collectible new art book featuring over 60 unseen biomorphic drawings from the depths of the subconscious. Specs: 6" x 9", 2-color offset printing, limited 1st edition, signed and numbered by the artist, intro by James Kaufmann, $20.

10/15 -11/22/2008: Bay Area Currents

Oakland Art Gallery presents "Bay Area Currents," an annual juried exhibition showcasing the depth and variety of inspired artists currently working in the Bay Area art scene. Artists include Steve Allen, Alexis Babayan, John Casey, Bill Domonkos, Bradley Hyppa, Andrea Land, Jessica Pezalla, Robb Putnam, Alanna Risse, Michael Ryan, Noah Sakamoto, and Allison Watkins. Juried by Aimée Reed. Pics here.

10/4 -10/31/2008: The Dead Show

Lobot Gallery presents "The Dead Show" an art event showcasing and celebrating former Oakland galleries that have, for one reason or another, hung up their spackle and red dots and called it quits. Featured galleries include Boontling, Auto 3321, and 33 Grand. Pics here.

9/27-10/18, 2008: No Brow

Black Maria Gallery in Los Angeles presents a group show called "No Brow." Artists: Aaron Kraten, Alex Wiesenfeld, Brooks Salzwedel, Jane Gotts, Jason Hernandez, Jeff McMillan, Jennybird Alcantara, John Casey, Junko Mizuno, Ken Garduno, Sam Saghatelian, Thomas Bakofsky and Tom Neely.

9/19-10/11, 2008: Diverse Chorus

Neurotitan Gallery in Berlin presents a group show called "Diverse Chorus" curated by Kevin Taylor. Artists include Kim Alsbrooks, Kelli Bratvold, Leslie Burns, John Casey, Lisa Chou, Jon Clary, Tim Cohen, Jason Filipow, Adam Flores, Kevin Scott Hailey, Michelle Mansour, Charlie Mcalister, Mulletpony, Olivia Park, Steve Pomberg, John Pundt, Patrick Segui, Stefan Strumbel, Miha, Kevin E. Taylor, Mr. Ben Venom, Justin Waugh, Derek Weisberg, Lauren Wong, Marc Bernstein, Philip White, and James Hunter.Pics here.