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3/26/15 – 4/27/15: Habitats

Antler Gallery, in Portland, OR, presents "Habitats" new work by Lisa Ericson, Heiko Müller, and John Casey. Pics here!

3/25/15 – 3/29/15: Drawing Now Paris Art Fair

I will be exhibiting some new drawings with Galerie Polaris, in Paris, France at the Drawing Now Paris Art Fair along with other Polaris artists as well as artists represented by 80 international galleries.

2/7/15 – 3/7/15: Doubleparlour Presents: The Zealot’s Elixir

Modern Eden Gallery, in San Francisco, CA presents the "Zealot’s Elixir," curated by doubleparlour. Featuring dynamic 3D works from Crystal Morey, J-RYU, Su Limbert, Erika Sanada, Tokyo Jesus, Steve Ferrera, Mab Graves, Carisa Swenson, Sarah Davey, Liz McGrath, Allison Sommers, Michael Campbell, Miso, Lana Crooks, Lumi Sickpiro, John Casey, Sheri DeBow, Calvin Ma, Jaime Lakatos, Troy Coulterman, Elliot Jackson, and doubleparlour. Pics here.

1/31/15 – 3/8/15: Happy Accidents

The Compound Gallery, in Oakland, CA presents "Happy Accidents," a solo show featuring my recent foray into color. For years I have worked mostly with black, white, and grey (and occasionally reddish-orange-brown) in ink or pencil. Recently I’ve experienced a color epiphany, with a new cast of characters in the form of paintings, drawings, and sculpture. Come out and see the technicolor, recessive, gene-pool family. Show pics here. | East Bay Express review here. | Oakland Art Enthusiast feature here.

7/11/14 SoEx Monster Drawing Rally

Southern Exposure in San Francisco, CA presents "Southern Exposure’s 2014 Monster Drawing Rally," a live drawing event and fundraiser. Friday, July 11, 2014 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM, Verdi Club in SF. Pics here.