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8/7/06: SFGate Culture Blog Coverage

The SF Chronicle Culture Blog covered the Minna/Fecal show here.

8/3/06: Art Business

Art Business covered the Minna/Fecal show here (scroll down).

8/3/06: SF Chronicle Coverage

The SF Chronicle covered the Minna/Fecal show here.

4/21: Fecal Face “Headache” Coverage

The Eastsider, covered April’s Art Murmur including the "Headache" show here.

4/14/06: Headache Review By David Downs,

East Bay Express: "The most creepy gallery show this year goes to the Boontlingers on Telegraph Avenue for this collection of mounted mutant ceramic and mixed-media heads that beg for mercy from a cruel world. Lucien Shapiro uses doll eyes, teeth and tongues, tentacles, cow skeletons, moss, clay, and deer horns to create 21 menacing wall sculptures. These haunting pieces range from one foot in diameter to pin-sized and make all manner of faces including the grimace, the shout, the sneer, and the laugh. John Casey complements Shapiro with "50 Dark Thoughts" using a decapitated ceramic figure mounted below fifty fist-sized brown skulls baked into mean little sneers dotted with pin-hole eyes, robot eyes, or no eyes at all. Creep factor or not, more than a half dozen of these $100 pieces sold on opening night."