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Pandemic Art

I’ve been terrified yet inspired by the recent events and the coronavirus pandemic. My work has always featured dark elements and using plague imagery, literally and metaphorically, is my way of coping with the stress and fear in myself and others around me. As a fan of dystopian fiction, I imagined global pandemics were always a possibility in my lifetime. Currently working from home, I am trying to maintain my sense of humor, and you can see it popping out in my recent drawings. But ultimately it’s the disquieting undertone of a locked down world that really informs my drawings. I don’t envy future generations grappling with cyclical global pandemics but kids born into this environment will most likely adapt to the new world order.

Feature: John Casey Combines Art and Beer for The Trappist

Bay Area Craft Beer has a nice article about my relationship with local beer bar The Trappist in Oakland and the artwork I have done for them.