Category: Exhibitions

9/19-10/11, 2008: Diverse Chorus

Neurotitan Gallery in Berlin presents a group show called "Diverse Chorus" curated by Kevin Taylor. Artists include Kim Alsbrooks, Kelli Bratvold, Leslie Burns, John Casey, Lisa Chou, Jon Clary, Tim Cohen, Jason Filipow, Adam Flores, Kevin Scott Hailey, Michelle Mansour, Charlie Mcalister, Mulletpony, Olivia Park, Steve Pomberg, John Pundt, Patrick Segui, Stefan Strumbel, Miha, Kevin E. Taylor, Mr. Ben Venom, Justin Waugh, Derek Weisberg, Lauren Wong, Marc Bernstein, Philip White, and James Hunter.Pics here.

8/2-8/23, 2008: FasTraK – A Bridge and Tunnel Survey

Lobot Gallery presents a group show called "FasTrak – a Bridge and Tunnel Survey." Other featured artists include Alexis Amann, Nicholas Bohac, Colette Cambell-Jones, John Casey, Nancy Chan, Amanda Curreri, Michael Cutlip, Mark Edwards, Will Gurley, Martha Sue Harris, Darren Hawk, Raymie Iadevaia, Daniel Healey, Kara Joslyn, MaryAnne Kluth, Liz Maher, Leticia Ramirez, Bryan Von Reuter, Dickson Schneider, Shawn Sloan, Charlene Tan, Task 1, Karen Thomas, Ryan Verzaal, Raymond Wong, and John Writer. Pics here.

5/23-6/22, 2008: Swarm Gallery

I have executed an installation in the project space called "Picket Fencing" at Swarm Gallery in Oakland, CA. Artists Jeff Eisenberg and Chris Loomis in the main gallery. Pics here.

2/2 – 2/23/08: TAG Art Gallery

TAG Art Gallery in Nashville, TN presents Josh Keyes, John Casey and David McClister.

11/24 – 12/23/07: The Little Show

Swarm in Oakland, CA presents “The Little Show”. All works under 8″x8″. Lot’s of talented folks in this show.