Category: Exhibitions

7/6 – 7/30/13: Hands and Pants SF

63 Bluxome Street Gallery in San Francisco, CA presents "Hands and Pants," my ongoing project, a broad collaborative venture, employing 70+ of my artist pals. Pics here.

6/8 – 7/20/13: Désirance

Galerie Polaris in Paris, France presents "Désirance" a summer group show featuring Polaris gallery artists.

12/12/12 – 3/17/13: Dessin(s) – Cynorrhodon Collection – FALDA

Cynorrhodon Collection – FALDA, Carte blanche à Annick and Louis Doucet, at the Commanderie des Templiers de la Villedieu Hin Élancourt, France, presents "Dessin(s)", Cynorrhodon Collection – FALDA. 274 works of 91 artists of the Cynorrhodon Collection – FALDA. I have several works in this collection.