Category: Exhibitions

7/5/14 – 7/29/14: Corrective Course

Marcas Contemporary Art, In Santa Ana, CA presents "Corrective Course", an inaugural group show featuring works by Dan Quintana, Alex Garcia, Nikko Hurtado, Matt Hurtado, Kevin Peterson, Jasmine Worth, JoKa, Adrian Dominic, Shawn Barber, Tom Haubrick, Sylvia Ji, Michael Mararian, Steven Daily, Olivia, Nicomi Nix Turner, Ekundayo, Jason Gallo, Gabe Larson, Laurie Lee Brom, Gustavo Rimada, Brendan Monroe, Victor Reyes, Remio, Jade (Peru), Cryptik, Travis Louie, Albert Reyes, Zach Johnsen, Bwanna Spoons, John Casey, Tomi Colgin (monstre), Julia Sonmi Heglund, Lucien Shapiro, Troy Coulterman, Adam Feibelman, Andres Guerrero, Amir H. Fallah, Colt Bowden, Lettercatsigns, Karen Hsiao, and Ben Eine.

6/7/14 – 6/27/14: The Passage – New Art from Oakland

Orinda Public Library presents "The Passage – New Art from Oakland", Works by John Casey, Patrick Dunaway, Obi Kaufmann, Crystal Morey, Lauren Napolitano, David Polka, and Jake Watling. Pics here.

4/26/14 – 5/31/14: Beacons

Faultline Artspace presents "Beacons", new work from local Oakland artists. Works by Mario Navasero, John Casey, Max Kauffman, David Polka, Cannon Dill, Jared Roses, Chris Granillo, Santos Shelton, Sydney Cain, Lauren Napolitano, Deadeyes, and Pancho Pescador. Pics here.

1/12/14 – 2/14/14: Upstarts and Rejects

Santa Clara University Fine Arts Gallery in Santa Clara, CA presents "Upstarts and Rejects," works by John Casey. This show features some large collaborative installation works with SCU students as well as my recent graphite drawings. Pics here and here.

1/11/14 – 2/2/14: Hands & Pants V

MOCO Gallery in Oakland, CA presents "Hands and Pants", a broad collaborative venture, employing 80+ of my artist peers. I drew either hands or pants (blue-jean-clad waist-down shod figures) or both, in a simple pen-and-ink style on 8"x10" Bristol paper. An invited artist was given the hands and/or pants and asked to complete the figure in any way the artist saw fit. My original intent was to create a collective storyboard using the "Hands and Pants" motif as a common recognizable character engaged in a variety of manifestations. However, the returned collaborations have gone far beyond my expectations in sheer artistic variety, producing an extended family of unique, individual beings. You can see all the latest H&P drawings here. Show pics here.